Leather Works

What I'll do ------------------------------------------ What I won't do

Consult with you
I create “one of a kind” works in leather. I don’t mass produce items. I will consult with you and together we’ll come up with a piece that you will be proud to know you had a part in the design process.
I don't do plain
There are plenty of manufacturers out there that make plain and studded tank or fender chaps out there. They have cookie-cutter dies and can supply you with something inexpensive if that's what you desire.
I take things to a whole new level!
Preliminary Sketches
Where possible I will provide preliminary sketches of any artwork or design for your approval
This way we can both be sure you get exactly what you envisioned for your end result
I won't do copyrighted logos or artwork
This includes Harley Davidson logos, emblems and "Willy G" skulls etc. (or other manufacturers logos) They have an entire legal team protecting them. I will not rock that boat.
I also won't do that tank diaper bib design that covers the entire bottom half of the tank. It's hideous and I just can't bring myself to do one- ever!
Project execution
I make each custom item using high quality materials and finishes. I stand by my work and guarantee your satisfaction.
I won't exceed my abilities
**I do not make clothing or apparel of any kind.**
I very much like to try new things and expand my capabilities. But now and then I'll get requests for things I just don't feel I can do, or I don't feel you the customer will be satisfied with.
I would rather turn the project down than make something neither of us will be happy with.